Cod, Potato

(Epinephelus takula)

Commonly referred to as big Cod!

Potato cod are a magnificent species of cod that grow to astonishing sizes. They are one of the largest of the groper family and are second only to the enormous Queensland groper when it comes to enormity. Potato cod are a rare and protected species that should always be released immediately upon capture! They have grown in popularity over the years to now become one of the most popular species of fish to dive with and hand feed. This is an extremely popular pass time along the magnificent Great Barrier reef and something that most people find unforgettable!


Potato cod can be found from Exmouth up to the magnificent Kimberley region throughout Western Australian waters and also along the beautiful Great Barrier reef in Queensland.


Potato cod like all members of the groper family begin their lives as females before maturing at around 90cm in length and becoming male. They can then grow to a maximum length of two meters and weigh as much as 150kg. Average sized potato cod are generally around 1 – 1.5 meters in length and weigh around 70 – 100kg.


Potato cod prefer clean, tropical waters such as those found at places like the Rowley shoals and other offshore paradise locations along the Western Australian coastline as well as the Great Barrier reef in Queensland. Large underwater caves and coral reef systems are an ideal habitat to encounter large potato cod although numbers have diminished over the years to a critical point where potato cod have now been placed on the protected species list.


Potato cod can easily be identified by the dark brown to black, potato shaped markings that appear all over the cod’s large oval shaped body. Dark blotches and streaks are apparent on the head with larger specimens being very dark to almost black in colouration.

Taste rating

  • Zero Taste Rating

Potato cod are a rare and protected species as are most cod over one meter in length and should be quickly released upon capture.

Sport rating

  • Zero Sport Rating

Potato cod are protected and should never be targeted for sport!

Tackle requirements

As potato cod are a rare and protected species they should there fore not be targeted with any form of tackle what so ever!

Recommended baits, lures and rigs

Again, potato cod are a rare and protected species and should not be targeted using any form of fishing tackle what so ever!

Handy hints and tips

Always release potato cod upon capture as they are a rare and protected species that are vital to the marine environments in which they live!

Preferred fishing times and tides

Potato cod are rare and protected and should never be fished for at any time!


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