Game fishing rig 9 – Lure trolling, heavy

Northern target species

Trevally, cod, tuna, mackerel, wahoo, mahi, sail fish, marlin and most of the more aggressive, northern deep water species.

Southern target species

Tuna, wahoo, yellow tail king fish, amberjack, samson fish, mahi, sail fish, small marlin and most of the more aggressive, southern, deep water species.

Popular baits

No bait necessary!

Fishing method

The heavy lure trolling rig is designed to present artificial lures to fish in the most appealing and natural fashion possible and will account for a large number of species in most deep water environments. Lure choice and boat speed is a key factor when trolling all lures offshore in Australia! Large sized spin and lever drag over head reels with large line capacities are preferred for heavy tackle trolling and are more than capable of handling many of the larger species on offer when coupled with light fibre glass and graphite rods. Setting a selection or spread of lures behind your vessel will increase chances of success considerably and all lures should be set out at staggered lengths to avoid tangles during turns. Using dull coloured lures during over cast conditions and bright colours during sunny weather should also improve your strike rate!

Terminal tackle used

Main lines – Nylon or braided 24 – 60kg breaking strain.

Leaders – Fluoro carbon 400 – 800lb breaking strain joined to main line with cats paw, loop to loop connection. IGFA rules and regulations state that in all line classes up to and including 10kg the leader shall be limited to 4.57m – (15ft ). The combined length of double line and leader shall not exceed 6.1m – ( 20ft ). The leader on all line classes over 10kg shall be limited to 9.14m – ( 30ft ). The combined length of double line and leader is limited to 12.19m – (40ft ).

Lures – Hard bodied, skirted and bibless. All hooks and rings should be upgraded for use with heavy tackle!

Clips – Most lures should be attached to leaders with the use of a small, strong clip and a snap swivel for leader connections.

Swivels – Good quality, ball bearing, snap swivels are a must when trolling skirted lures!

Depth range

From 50 meters and beyond.


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