Estuary rig 10 – Break away, fixed

Northern target species

Flathead, trevally, mangrove jack, queen fish, emperor, salmon, barramundi, cat fish and most of the larger, northern estuary species.

Southern target species

Flathead, mulloway, yellow tail king fish, salmon and most of the larger, southern estuary species.

Popular baits

Fresh, dead whole and cut bait fish such as mullet, mackerel and whiting, prawns and squid.

Fishing method

The fixed break away rig as its name suggests is designed to cover incredible distances as it travels through the air as one unit before breaking away into a standard running sinker styled rig on landing. This is a fantastic rig for casting larger baits long distances to fussy feeding species such as mulloway when there is fear of a running sinker being snagged during battle. The specially designed grapnel impact sinker allows channels of water to push the plastic cap at the top of the sinker onto the hook with force during the impact of hitting water causing it to release. This is a fantastic rig for fishing rough, windy conditions when long casting distances are required. The wire legs found on these sinkers also provide the most secure hold in current and turbulence. Break away rigs can be made with the use of a three way swivel to form a single Paternoster style of rig also with the only rule with this rig being that the sinker leader always needs to be slightly longer and weaker than the hook leader! Always remember to wait until the fish has your bait securely before striking!

Terminal tackle used

Swivel – Medium sized 8 – 12  extra strong, three way or cross line.

Hook – Medium to large sized 2/0 – 9/0 bait holder, suicide, ganged or thick gauged, chemically sharpened.

Leader – Nylon or fluoro carbon  30 – 80lb breaking strain.

Sinker – Size 3 – 8 grapnel impact.

Bait cotton – Light bait cotton should be used to securely fasten hooks to baits during casting.

Casting distance

40 – 100 meters, this rig casts best with smaller, lighter baits.


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