Deep water offshore rig 10 – Wire live bait/baitcasting

Northern target species

Large mackerel, barracuda and small sharks.

Southern target species

Large tailor, Spanish mackerel, shark mackerel and small sharks.

Popular baits

Freshly cut fish strips, whole pilchards and small bait fish like mullet, mackerel, and gar fish.

Fishing method

The bait casting rig is designed to present the bait in a natural, free falling fashion that most fish find irresistible. This rig is capable of locating fish throughout the entire water column from surface to sea floor and will account for a very large variety of species in most fishing environments. A small light stick may be added onto the main line near the swivel to attract species after dark. Slowly winding this baited rig will ensure it remains near the surface and if fish are deeper in the water column simply cast out and allow the rig to slowly sink down to where they are. For toothy species such as Spanish mackerel or large tailor try connecting two hooks together using a short length of single strand wire of around 70 – 100lb in breaking strain. Single strand wire is far less visible than nylon coated multi strand wire and is a much smarter option when chasing big, smart fish in clear, calm conditions! A small ball or bean sinker can be placed between the first hook and the swivel to help keep baits deeper during rough conditions. Using slightly smaller hooks that will not expose hook points from the bait will prevent snagging and allow anglers to prospect areas of shallow turbulent water that big tailor seem to frequent. Using bait cotton to wrap baits securely will ensure they last much longer! Always remember to wait until the fish has your bait securely before striking!

Terminal tackle used

Swivel – Medium sized 2 to large sized 1/0 rolling or crane.

Hook – Medium to large sized 6/0 – 9/0  suicide or O’Shaughnessy styled hooks.

Leader – Single strand wire, 69 – 104lb breaking strain.

Sinker – As light as conditions allow size 0 – 4 ball, split shot, barrel or bean.

Casting distance

10 – 40 meters, this rig casts best with smaller, stream lined baits.


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