Beach and rock rig 14 – Sweeper

Northern target species

Flathead, trevally, mangrove jack, queen fish, emperor, salmon, barramundi, cat fish and most of the larger, northern beach and rock species.

Southern target species

Tailor, flathead, bream, mulloway, salmon, herring, pink snapper, trevally, tarwhine and most of the mid to large sized beach and rock species.

Popular baits

Fresh cut, whole or live bait fish such as mullet, herring, mackerel, whiting and pilchards all make excellent baits for this rig.

Fishing method

The sweeper rig is designed to target fussy feeding beach and rock species during testing conditions. This rig works well in both calm and rough conditions and is sensational for such species as mulloway and tailor. Cast the baited rig out into the desired location and place the fishing outfit into a secure position or simply hold onto it. Rods should be held vertically until a bite is detected and then dropped to allow the fish to take down the bait without feeling any resistance before striking.

Terminal tackle used

Leader swivels – Medium sized 2 rolling, box, barrel or crane, both leader swivels should be the same size!

Sinker swivel – Should be slightly smaller than the leader swivels.

Hook – Medium sized 3/0 – 6/0 ganged or snelled, chemically sharpened, suicides.

Hook Leader – Nylon or fluoro carbon 40 – 80lb breaking strain.

Sinker leader – Should be slightly lighter than hook leader in case of snagging during battle.

Sinker – As light as conditions allow size 4 – 8 ball, bean, star, spoon, snapper or grapnel.

Luminescent bead – This prevents the sinker leaders swivel from sticking on the front swivel knot.

Cork – A wine cork should be connected to the hook leader around 4 – 6 inches from the bait and allows the bait to enticingly waft around with a much more natural appearance. Slice the wine cork down to the centre long ways and place the wire into the slit, now tape the cork up with red electrical tape ensuring that both ends are slightly covered and finishing the final wrap with very little pressure. Slicing the tape off with a sharp knife will keep it from unraveling during use.

Casting distance

0 – 50 meters, this rig casts best with smaller, lighter baits.


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