January 2016

Maldives Ruby’s

Here’s a quick story from a group of anglers fishing the Maldives. It’s great to see the Fish-On website having such far reaching effects.

Hi Nick,

We are a group of friends doing sport fishing in Addu Atoll, the southern tip of Maldives. Yesterday we went out to do some jigging with 2 guests from Netherlands. The weather wasn’t too good, so we couldn’t spend too much time fishing, but we managed to catch this beautiful fish, at first we did not know the name of it. It looked a bit weird with the bulgy eyes. After a bit of research we concluded that it was a Ruby Snapper. It’s not much of a story but thought of sharing it with you guys.



Also keep an eye out for Perth Fishing T.V. episode 1 inaugural screening soon to be released here Jan 26th. Explains why it’s been so long since my latest post. Yes, Steve Correia and I have once again joined forces in an attempt to produce Australia’s most popular fishing show. This 1st episode highlights the home made lead head jigs mentioned previously in this section and much, much more. Stay tuned, we hope you enjoy the viewing.

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