Groper, Queensland

(Epinephelus lanceolatus)

Commonly referred to as QLD groper!

Queensland groper are an enormous and incredibly powerful species that are frequently encountered by  Australian anglers whilst fishing for other creek and reef dwelling species. The juveniles are brightly marked with vibrant yellow blotches on their fins and are often mistaken for estuary cod by inexperienced anglers. Queensland groper are a protected species and should always be released immediately upon capture!


Although referred to as a Queensland groper this species can be located from Exmouth in Western Australia right around the top end down into Queensland.


Queensland groper like all members of the groper family begin their lives as females before maturing at around 95cm in length and becoming male. They can then grow to a maximum length of 2.7 meters and weigh as much as 400kg making them the largest reef dwelling, bony fish species. Average sized Queensland groper are generally around 1 – 2 meters in length and weigh around 70 – 200kg.


Queensland groper can be encountered as juveniles in northern estuary systems and shallow inshore reefs with larger, adult specimens preferring slightly deeper coral reef systems and ledges with water depths ranging from 5 – 50 meters.


Queensland groper can be easily identified as juveniles by the irregular black and yellow markings and typical groper shape with the larger, adult models a more greenish grey to brown grey with faint mottled markings and small black spots on the fins.

Taste rating

  • Zero Taste Rating

Queensland groper are a protected species as are most cod and groper over one meter in length and should be quickly released upon capture.

Sport rating

  • Zero Sport Rating

Queensland groper are protected and should never be targeted for sport!

Tackle requirements

As Queensland groper are a protected species they should there fore not be targeted with any form of tackle what so ever!

Recommended baits, lures and rigs

Again Queensland groper are a  protected species and should not be targeted using any form of fishing tackle what so ever!

Handy hints and tips

Always release Queensland groper upon capture as they are a rare and protected species that are vital to the marine environments in which they live!

Preferred fishing times and tides

Queensland groper are a protected species and should never be fished for at any time!


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