Shallow water offshore rig 9 – Large float

Northern target species

Flathead, trevally, mangrove jack, queen fish, emperor, salmon, barramundi, cat fish and most of the larger, northern estuary species.

Southern target species

Flathead, mulloway, yellow tail king fish, salmon and most of the larger, southern offshore species.

Popular baits

Live or fresh, dead whole bait fish such as mullet, mackerel and whiting, prawns and squid.

Fishing method

The large float rig is designed to target a wide variety of larger offshore species that inhabit surface to mid water columns. Float fishing is a very visual and exciting form of angling that is not only very productive but also extremely entertaining. Float rigs are also ideal for locating target species as the float and bait can be allowed to cover large areas with the use of wind or current flow. Bobby corks and torpedo floats are generally fished as a running rig allowing the float to sit close to the swivel and bait aiding during casting before settling to a set depth once in the water. Most floats should only just float with neutral buoyancy to prevent fish from feeling their pressure during a take. When fishing with live baits it helps to tire the bait out before casting, this way the active bait will not alarm the angler as it continuously drags the float under. Lubricating main lines with Vaseline also helps the line to float and increases hook up rates considerably! Always remember to wait until the fish has your bait securely before striking!

Terminal tackle used

Float – Medium to large sized bobby cork or torpedo style.

Swivel – Medium size 8 – 12 rolling, barrel or crane.

Hook – Medium to large sized 3/0 – 9/0 bait holder, suicide, ganged or thick gauged, chemically sharpened.

Leader – Nylon or fluoro carbon  40 – 80lb breaking strain.

Sinkers – The float sinker combined with the bait sinker should be heavy enough to sit the float down in the water column to its correct level, the bait sinker prevents a live bait from swimming up around the leader and causing tangles.

Dental floss or float stopper – This sets the depth of a stem float and prevents the float from running up the line.

Small bead or button – This prevents the float stopper or dental floss knot from passing through the float.

Depth range

0 – 30 meters.


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