Shallow water offshore rig 16 – Green straw and blob

Northern target species

This rig is generally used to target smaller, southern species but may also be used in northern waters to target small bait fish and large gar fish.

Southern target species

Herring, salmon, snook and tailor and most of the more aggressive sub surface feeding species.

Popular baits

No bait necessary!

Fishing method

The green straw and blob rig is designed to target a variety of smaller shallow water offshore species located close to the surface and is a great way to gather bait fish such as herring and large gar fish. Watching hungry fish shoulder each other out of the way to get at a piece of green straw is extremely entertaining for younger anglers also!

Terminal tackle used

Swivels РSmall sized 8 Р12  rolling, barrel or crane.

Hooks РSmall sized  6 Р4 shiner or wide gap.

Leader – Nylon or fluoro carbon 10 – 20lb breaking strain.

Blob float – Size 2 – 4. To attract and hold target species in your fishing area.

Depth range

0 – 30 meters.


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