Game fishing rig 1 – Floating shark

Northern target species

Tiger, whaler, hammer head and most of the more aggressive northern, carnivore shark species.

Southern target species

Mako, whaler, blue, tiger, hammer head, thresher, and most of the more aggressive southern, carnivore shark species.

Popular baits

Whole or filleted tuna, mullet and squid.

Fishing method

The floating shark rig is designed to be fished in conjunction with a steady berley trail of minced fish and oil. A large, plastic bottle or balloon should be attached to the main line beneath the double knot with an elastic band or cotton both strong enough to float the baited rig yet also light enough to break free once a shark has taken the bait. Line classes, baits and hook sizes should all be taken into consideration and matched to the size and species of shark targeted. Smaller J styled hooks or circle hooks should be used when targeting sharks for release and larger sharks targeted for record attempts should be allowed to swallow large, J styled hooks deep where they will set themselves. Most sharks are targeted for their fantastic sporting abilities these days before being released unharmed to live on.

Terminal tackle used

Main lines – Nylon  8 – 60kg breaking strain.

Wire leader – Nylon coated wire 400 – 1200lb breaking strain joined to main line with ball bearing, snap swivel. IGFA rules and regulations state that in all line classes up to and including 10kg the leader shall be limited to 4.57m – (15ft ). The combined length of double line and leader shall not exceed 6.1m – ( 20ft ). The leader on all line classes over 10kg shall be limited to 9.14m – ( 30ft ). The combined length of double line and leader is limited to 12.19m – (40ft ).

Hook – 12/0 – 18/0.

Crimps – Large aluminium crimps should be used to connect the hook and to form a loop or Flemish eye for main line or leader connections. Aluminium crimps are designed to be used with nylon coated wire and brass, double sleeved, crimps are designed for use with uncoated wire.

Swivels – Most wire traces should be attached to leaders or main lines with the use of a high quality, ball bearing, snap swivel.

Depth range

Shallow – deep.


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