Fresh water rig 7 – The Hair

Northern target species

Tarpon, perch, barramundi, catfish, sooty grunter, and most of the smaller, northern fresh water species.

Southern target species

Trout, perch, small cod, eel, carp, catfish and most of the smaller, southern fresh water species.

Popular baits

Corn kernels, fish pellets, doe mixes, dried dog food pellets, mud eye, maggots, and peas.

Fishing method

The hair rig is designed to suspend a bait above the river bed making it more visible to feeding fish especially in amongst a chum trail where the floating bait really stands out. Braided line is used with this rig in place of nylon or the original horse tail hair to prevent coiling when the fish takes the bait in and also helps with buoyancy. Simply pass the braided loop through a simple sewing needle and then through your desired bait choice, a small piece of stick or tooth pick inserted into the loop before pulling down tight will ensure the bait remains in place. Small sections of foam may also be threaded on along with the bait to add extra buoyancy. This is a great rig for fussy fish in calm, challenging conditions.

Terminal tackle used

Swivel – Small sized 6 – 8 barrel, rolling or crane.

Hook – Small size 8 – 12 suicide, fine wire, long shank or bait holder.

Leader – Braided 10 – 30lb breaking strain.

Sinker – As light as conditions will allow, ball, bean or split shot.

Small piece of stick or tooth pick – This secures the bait to the rig.

Casting distance

0 – 50 meters, this rig casts best with smaller, lighter baits.


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