Fresh water rig 3 – Small float

Northern target species

Barramundi, tarpon, perch, saratoga, cat fish, sooty grunter, and most of the smaller, northern fresh water species.

Southern target species

Trout, perch, small cod, eel, cat fish and most of the smaller, southern fresh water species.

Popular baits

Freshwater shrimp, prawns or cherubin, cut fish strips or cubes, worms, insects, mud eye, corn kernels, live maggots, fresh water crayfish flesh and red meat.

Fishing method

The small float rig is designed to target a wide variety of smaller fresh water species that inhabit surface to mid water columns. Float fishing is a very visual and exciting form of angling that is not only very productive but also extremely entertaining. Quill floats can be fished as a fixed rig that lays flat on the waters surface before standing upright and submerging during a take where as bubble floats are generally fished as a running rig allowing the line to flow freely through the float during a take. A small piece of foam is also used to prevent the float from sliding down onto the bait during casting. Bubble floats may also be partially filled with water for added weight during casting and will hold their position for longer than a lighter quill float.  Lubricating main lines with Vaseline also helps the line to float and increases hook up rates considerably! Always remember to wait until the fish has your bait securely before striking!

Terminal tackle used

Float – Small to medium sized bubble or quill style.

Swivel – Small size 8 – 12 rolling, barrel or crane.

Hook – Small sized 6 – 12 bait holder, suicide or fine wire.

Leader – Nylon or fluoro carbon  4 – 10lb breaking strain.

Sinker – As light as conditions allow size 0 – 1 ball, split shot, barrel or bean.

Dental floss or float stopper – This sets the depth of a stem float and prevents the float from running up the line.

Small bead or button – This prevents the float stopper or dental floss knot from passing through the float.

Casting distance

10 – 40 meters, this rig casts best with spin or side cast tackle.


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