Fresh water rig 12 – Fly fishing

Northern target species

Barramundi, saratoga, sooty grunter, perch, catfish and most of the more aggressive, northern freshwater species.

Southern target species

Trout, perch, cod, and most of the more aggressive, southern freshwater species.

Popular baits

No bait necessary!

Fishing method

The fly fishing rig is designed to present artificial fly’s to fish in the most appealing and natural fashion possible and will account for a large number of species in most fresh water environments. Fly choice and retrieval is a key factor when fly fishing in Australia’s fresh water systems!

Terminal tackle used

Fly lines – #3 WT up to #12 WT fly lines are preferred for most estuary uses.

Leader or tippet – Fluoro carbon 4 – 80lb breaking strain. Simple fly leaders may be constructed by joining two thirds of a rod length of heavier leader to a third of a rod length of lighter leader. Example – two thirds of 10lb to one third of 6lb.

Fly’s – Small nymphs and wooly bugger fly’s are well suited to smaller fresh water species with larger, frog and bait fish profiles better suited to larger fish.

Casting distance

20 – 60 meters, dependent on angling skill.


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