Fresh water rig 1 – Small running sinker

Northern target species

Tarpon, perch, barramundi, catfish, sooty grunter, and most of the smaller, northern fresh water species.

Southern target species

Trout, perch, small cod, eel, cat fish and most of the smaller, southern fresh water species.

Popular baits

Freshwater shrimp, prawns or cherubin, cut fish strips or cubes, worms, insects, fresh water crayfish flesh and red meat.

Fishing method

The idea of the running sinker rig is to enable fussy fish to take a bait and swim away without feeling any resistance from the angler or fishing outfit. Cast the baited rig out into the desired location and place the fishing outfit into a secure, horizontal position. Leaving rods set in upright positions can often spook fussy species as they feel the rod tip movement. Reels need to be set in free spool and this can be easily achieved with overhead reels by engaging their ratchet.  Spin reels do not often have this luxury unless they are a bait runner variety and an easy way around this is to flick the bail arm over and pull around a foot or so of line from the reel. Hold the line down onto the ground at around ninety degrees from the reels spool  and place a large pinch of wet sand onto it. This will hold the line in place until a fish takes off resulting in line freely flowing from the reels spool without the fish being alerted. All the angler has to do is time their strike. Holding the fishing outfit with a large loop of line in one hand ready to drop is also a popular method used with this rig especially during a hot bite.

Terminal tackle used

Swivel – Small sized 6 – 8 barrel, rolling or crane.

Hook – Small size 8 – 12 suicide, long shank or bait holder.

Leader – Nylon or fluoro carbon 2 – 10lb breaking strain.

Sinker – As light as conditions will allow, ball, bean or split shot.

Casting distance

0 – 50 meters, this rig casts best with smaller, lighter baits.


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