Deep water offshore rig 6 – Ultra deep

Northern target species

Ruby snapper, gold banned job fish, cod, and most northern, ultra deep water species.

Southern target species

Bass groper, harpuka, ruby snapper, blue eyed trevalla, gem fish, knife jaw, green eyed shark, grey banded cod and most southern, ultra deep water species.

Popular baits

Whole, fresh, squid, scaley or blue mackerel and mullet or tuna strips.

Fishing method

The ultra deep water rig is designed to target a variety of large, ultra deep water species. The large circle styled hooks ensure a solid jaw hook up every time allowing anglers to really put the brakes on these stubbornly tough, ultra deep water demersal’s. Simply drop the rig to the sea floor and hold on tight. Large lever drag styled reels loaded with heavy braided lines with breaking strains of around 100lb are generally used and when coupled up with short, powerful fibre glass and graphite rods make excellent outfits for targeting ultra deep water species. Electric reels are also now being used and allow anglers to prospect and cover a lot more ground due to their rapid retrieval rates. Most anglers will generally only engage the electric line retrieval system of the reel when retrieving empty rigs and prefer to battle fish with the more conventional and sporting  style of turning the handle. Always remember to wait until the fish has your bait securely before loading the rod gently to set circle hooks!

Terminal tackle used

Swivels –  Large sized 2/0 – 4/0 three way or cross line.

Hooks – Large 12/0 – 14/0 circle style.

Leader – Nylon or fluoro carbon 250 – 4000lb breaking strain.

Sinker – 50 plus ounce snapper, or bomb.

Depth range

200 – 500 meters.


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