Deep water offshore rig 3 – Double paternoster

Northern target species

Flathead, trevally, mangrove jack, queen fish, emperor, salmon, barramundi, catfish mulloway and most common, northern offshore species.

Southern target species

King George whiting, flathead, trevally, pink snapper, tarwhine, leather jacket, mulloway, samson fish, amberjack, yellowtail king fish and most common, southern offshore species.

Popular baits

Fresh, whole and cut pilchards, mullet, tuna, squid and octopus all make excellent baits for this rig.

Fishing method

The double Paternoster rig can be fished whilst holding onto the fishing outfit and also works well when set into a holder. It is extremely productive for fishing deeper water for a variety of deeper offshore species.  Simply drop the baited rig over the side, wait until it settles onto the sea floor and wait for a bite. Always remember to wait until the fish has your bait securely before striking!

Terminal tackle used

Swivels –  Medium sized 2 – 4 three way or cross line.

Top hook – Medium to large sized 4/0 – 9/0 ganged hooks 4 per set or snelled suicide.

Bottom hook – Medium to large sized 5/0 – 9/0 suicide.

Leader – Nylon or fluoro carbon 80 – 120lb breaking strain.

Sinker – Size 6 – 24 snapper.

Depth range

30 – 100 meters.


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