Beach & Rock: Large Running Sinker Rig

Northern target species

Flathead, trevally, mangrove jack, queen fish, emperor, salmon, barramundi, cat fish and most of the larger, northern beach and rock species.

Southern target species

Flathead, mulloway, yellow tail king fish, salmon and most of the larger, southern beach and rock species.

Popular baits

Fresh cut, whole or live bait fish such as mullet, mackerel, whiting and pilchards along with squid, crabs and octopus all make excellent baits for this rig.

Fishing method

The idea of the running sinker rig is to enable fussy fish to take a bait and swim away without feeling any resistance from the angler or fishing outfit. Cast the baited rig out into the desired location and place the fishing outfit into a secure position. Larger outfits used with this rig are often too heavy for an angler to hold onto for extended periods of time. Reels need to be set to alarm an angler of a run and this can be easily achieved with overhead reels by engaging their ratchet.  Spin reels do not often have this luxury unless they are a bait runner variety and backing the reels drag down has proven to be a popular technique with spin reels. All the angler has to do now is time their strike!

Terminal tackle used

Swivel – Medium sized 2 to large sized 2/0 rolling, barrel or crane.
Hook – Medium sized 2/0 to large sized 8/0 suicide, ganged or chemically sharpened, thick gauge such as Mustad big gun‘s.
Leader – Nylon or fluoro carbon 40 – 80lb breaking strain.
Sinker – As light as conditions allow size 4 – 8 ball, bean, star, spoon, snapper or grapnel.

Casting distance

Medium 0 – 50 meters, this rig casts best with smaller, lighter baits.


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