Beach and rock rig 21 – Lure casting

Northern target species

Bream, whiting, flathead, trevally, mangrove jack, queen fish, emperor, salmon, barramundi, cat fish, sooty grunter, and most of the more aggressive, northern beach and rock species.

Southern target species

Bream, whiting, flathead, trevally, tarwhine, mulloway, salmon, herring, tailor and most of the more aggressive, southern beach and rock species.

Fishing method

The lure casting rig is designed to present artificial lures to fish in the most appealing and natural fashion possible and will account for a large number of predatory species in most marine environments. Lure choice and retrieval is a key factor when casting lures around Australia!

Terminal tackle used

Main lines – Nylon or braided 10 – 30lb breaking strain.

Nylon leaders – Fluoro carbon 10 – 80lb breaking strain joined to main line with Albrite or Tony Jones knot.

Wire leaders – Are necessary when casting lures for species with teeth and should be made from light single strand wire of between 69 – 104lb breaking strain. These wire leaders should be no longer than around 8 – 12” in length and can be joined to nylon leaders or main lines with a small, strong, black swivel! The top end should have a small clip in place to help anglers cope with constant lure changing.

Lures – Metal jigs and slices, hard bodied, soft plastic, white lead head jig, surface and sub surface.

Clips – Ultra small, light lures and lures with no split rings at the towing point should be attached to leaders with a loop knot to allow maximum movement. Larger lures may also be connected with the use of a wire snap or clip. The clip should be slightly smaller than the head of the lure used and of equal strength to the leader choice!

Swivels – Swivels are a must to eliminate line twist when casting spinning, metal lures. Try connecting a small, swivel to the split ring at the front of the lure.

Casting distance

20 – 80 meters, most lures cast best on light spin tackle.


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