Beach and rock rig 12 – Slide baiting

Northern target species

Flathead, trevally, mangrove jack, queen fish, emperor, salmon, barramundi, coral trout and most of the larger, northern beach and rock species.

Southern target species

Flathead, mulloway, yellow tail king fish, salmon and most of the larger, southern beach and rock species.

Popular baits

Fresh cut, whole or live bait fish such as mullet, mackerel, whiting and pilchards along with squid, crabs and octopus all make excellent baits for this rig. Live baits tend to work best!

Fishing method

The slide baiting rig is an ingenious design that enables anglers to send a bait that would normally be too large to cast well out into deeper water. Casting live baits over large distances often results in the fish landing in poor condition or being completely torn from the hooks. Slide baiting is a fantastic technique that was originally used in South Africa and Europe to reach the deeper waters of their multi sectional surf breaks. Simply cast the grapnel sinker out into your desired fishing location and securely lock it into the sea floor ensuring the main line remains as tight as possible! Now grab your readily baited slide bait rig and clip it onto the main line. Remember to keep the main line as tight as possible at all stages of this process to avoid the clip from tangling. The rig and bait will now slowly make their way out to the swivel ring. Shaking the rod tip continuously during the first couple of minutes of the slide helps to get baits out through beach breaks. Larger, heavier outfits may be securely placed into extra long 1.5 – 2m rod tubes until a strike has occurred. Once a fish comes along and snaffles the bait it will take off tearing the sinker from the sea floor and setting the hook into itself. All the angler has to do now is pick up the outfit and begin the battle!

Terminal tackle used

Slide bait clip – Medium to large slide bait clips work best and are available in two varieties, uni directional and standard. Uni directional clips are mostly preferred.

Swivel ring – A swivel ring should be provided with all slide bait clips and prevents the slide bait clip from sliding down onto the sinker. A simple swivel ring set up can be constructed from a strong swivel and split ring of the correct sizing. For example the swivel should be small enough to pass through the slide bait clip and the split ring being too large.

Hook – Medium sized 3/0 to large sized 8/0 suicide or chemically sharpened, thick gauge.

Leader – Nylon, wire or fluoro carbon 40 – 80lb breaking strain.

Sinker – As heavy as you can confidently cast, size 4 – 8 grapnel.

Casting distance

LONG!  50 – 100 meters, this rig casts best!


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