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Join me as I take you on a journey around the Australian coastline doing what I love best…fish-on, giving you the edge! 

–Nick Hocking

What is Fish-On?

Created by popular Western Australian fishing personality Nick Hocking, the Fish-On website is a comprehensive guide on how to target Australia’s most popular fish species from trout to marlin. There are plenty of informative and entertaining tips revealed in here that are sure to increase the skills of all anglers from beginners to pros: everything from bait presentation, to knots, rigs, great locations, charters, techniques, species and much much more. Designed by Australian anglers for  Australian anglers. Fish-On…giving you the edge!

What the Fish!

Fish-On has conveniently categorised over 100 of Australia’s most popular fish species into an organised and easy to follow identification guide. This guide not only identifies and describes the individual characteristics of each species but also describes in great detail where to find them, how they grow and most importantly how to catch them. No matter what fish it is YOU want to catch, Fish-On has the knowledge and information to make it possible! More…

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